a swedish girl in her twenties with a passion for good and wholesome food that is visually appealing and tastes great.

currently i’m living with my sister in a tremedously cute 31sq meter one-room-apt (with a tiny kitchen) in Stockholm. most of my time i spend studying marketing at Stockholm School of Economics. though when not, i cook, walk, drink tea, shop, eat, exercise, take photos, dance, drink wine, bike, speak japanese, ski, listen to music. to name a few of things.

the reasons behind this blog are many. but primarily it’s based on my passion for a good meal and an urge to do something with all those photos sitting on my computer. i love new new scenes and the beauty of different cultures as much as to to serve up something that is fantastic for your body. not only in the aspect of health but socially, visually and of course, in terms of flavor. growing up i have been surrounded by great cooks  (my dad, mum, grand mothers, fathers of friends, mothers of friends, japanese host mothers… to name a few). to eat healthy has never been an issue; i’m brought up with carrot sticks on the table and candy ONLY on saturdays. as a consequence of having a mother who’s a dentist and a father who’s a doctor. anyways. i went to japan when i was 18 and i think that was when my passion and appreciation for good food and culture really took off. in a country when every little detail is important and taking time to sit down fully enjoy a proper meal is of highly valued in their culture. i brought this with me and have been even more attentive to details ever since. in sum; i’ve been spoiled with great food prepared from good ingredients my whole life and thus i’d like to explore what i can do with all the knowledge i’ve collected until now.

i love having people over for dinner, so that i can cook for them and share the things i enjoy som much. and i suppose this is another way of doing the same thing. sharing my food with those who are interested. and it gives me an outlet for my creativity. small pieces that brings you well-being.

i hope you will enjoy this as much as i do.


One thought on “S.hellsten

  1. Catrine says:

    What a wonderful way to share your experience and photos from Asia and different places together with food for joy and delight. It´s a pleasure to follow ……….

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