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Winter oranges in Japan and juice on a summer morning

the past couple of weeks we’ve been making freshly squeezed juice for breakfast every morning. it’s such an easy everyday treat. this got me thinking about how much i miss all the different types of oranges and mandarins you can get hold during the winter season in Japan. summer orange, hassaku, miikan… i don’t even remember half of their names. but i can assure you they are truly wonderful in both flavor and texture, with that perfect combination of sweet and sour.

Winter oranges

this winter i spent two weeks in japan again, meeting up with my former host family ( or well, more like japanese family) for christmas and new years. one morning i decided to go for a walk in the neighborhood of Kubota (久保田) where they live in the southern part of Osaka. the weather was crisp and clear without being cold. walking the tarmac among the houses i spotted this orange tree, lavished with oranges.

Orange-ginger juice

Orange-ginger juice

gingery orange-pink grapefruit juice (enough for one glass)
one orange of your liking
1/2 a grapefruit (i prefer pink)
2×2 cm knob of ginger (peeled)

squeeze the juice and grate the ginger on a fine grater. put in a glass and let sit while preparing the rest of you breakfast (it’s hard, i know, but well worth it as it gives the ginger time to flavor the juice). i assure you this is just as great on a summer day as it is a cold winters morning. all that vitamin C and ginger boosting the immune system… both japanese and korean people eat ginger (you know with the sushi?) or drink it as tea and they both live long, keep slim and have healthy skin. i’m just saying.

Japan, Osaka


Som jag berättade var jag på konsert igår. Det var Hockey från Portland som spelade och det var ruskigt bra. 最高 だった。

Efter konsterten var vi lagom hungriga så vi vandrade till Dontonburi och åt Sushi.

I hopp om att träffa bandet tog vi ett glas vin på RockRock i Amerikamura. Den mest, av musiker, välbesköta baren i Osaka. Tyvärr hann de inte komma innan vi var tvungna att ta sista tåget hem till Kyoto.

Erik och Manami.

Konserten var rockigt poppig med inslag av både elektro och folk (find a better combination?) Vi dansade så att vi var helt svettiga och jag väntar med spänning på nästa album.