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so i did spend another week in the mountains. but different ones this time. surrounded by the astonishing peaks of mont blanc, les grand montets, l’aguille de midi, l’aguille de vert to name a few. the mountains works curious wonders with your well-being. it is like returning as a new person. so my resolution for the coming year is to visit the mountains more. much more.

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around the world, Sweden

Up north

i’m in jämtland, trekkikng with my mother in stunning surroundings and eating fantastic dinners and breakfasts. life. today we met this noble albino in the barren landscape towards the top of the mountain. i managed to get quite close before he got nervous and wandered off. i wonder if he’s the reincarnation of a reindeer me and C meet up here nine years ago… this makes me want to be up here always. now dinner awaits so i’ll get back to you with some recipes when i’m back home.