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Tel Aviv pt. I

it was a long time since I published something here. I suppose life caught up with me (school, work an small projects that is). anyways I thought I’d pick this up again, maybe because I’m now living abroad for a while again. so here goes. I went to Tel Aviv in june. this was before the recent events that give me the chills just thinking about. even so, it was a really nice trip and here are some of the pictures.
Beach of Tel Aviv | piecefully Beach of Tel Aviv | piecefully Beach of Tel Aviv | piecefully

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Autumn on the water.

i spent the weekend kayaking in the Stockholm archipelago. camping. eating by the fire. enjoying indian summer days. i still can’t get my head around how amazing Stockholm is and that this is where we live. i’m humbled.








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this is where i’ve been the last week. out and about on the swedish east coast. hence the lack of updates. Anna  | piecefully Hälsingland, kust | piecefully

i was gonna give you this recipe that i tried out a week ago.  it’s a really moist sponge cake/bread with thyme giving it a nice twist. i brought it for a late sunday pic-nic and served it just as it is. though i just realised that i  never wrote down the measurements, and now i can’t seem to remember… i’ll make it soon again and update you on the recipe! and then i’ll show you some more from the past week in a later post.

Lemon-thyme almond bread  | piecefully Lemon-thyme almond bread  | piecefully Lemon-thyme almond bread  | piecefully

Lemon-thyme almond bread


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We went on a cruise in Halong Bay, Vietnam with this incredible scenery. Limestone cliffs and kayaking.

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Halong Bay