morning eats
breakfast almond pancakes
the perfect breakfast
orange and pink grapefruit juice with ginger

vegetarian eats
vietnamese summer rolls
strawberries and goat’s cheese salad
semi-warm salad with apple, cabbage and lentils
green pea omelett
coconut quinoa and asian greens
black bean spaghetti with kale and pomegranate
creamy polenta with two types of kale
gluten-free pumpkin and kale pie

sea eats
greens and a parcel of saffron salmon
pickled herring: brantevikssill

baked eats
popcorn bread with lemon-honey butter

sweet eats
double almond biscotti
strawberry and yoghurt ice-cream with date syrup
coconut and chocolate squares
tangy lemon tart with mazarin and pistachio

tiny eats
cinnamon popcorn with apple chips

All content by © Sofia Hellsten 2010-2013. All rights reserved.


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